◆ Quality Policy
  • Assure customer satisfaction by providing high quality and consistency in processes.
  • Continually improve the management system to ensure everlasting superior products for customer.
  • Providing customer the competitive product by reducing cost and improving yield.
  • Develop innovation products for customer to get ahead in making profit.
◆ Environmental Safety and Health Policy
  • To make the best use of resources, saving energy and reducing waste, and to reduce the impact of pollution for the environment.
  • To respect the life, risk management and control, and to reduce the impact of hazards for staffs.
  • To keep improving regulatory compliance, and to meet the Environmental Safety and Health Policy driven.
  • To strengthen the advocacy, prevention of pollution, and to the implementation of the management system performs.
  • To implement training, observe safety, and to develop the culture of health and safety workplace.
  • The full participation, sustainable development, to achieve the environmental, safety and economic three wins goal.
◆ Hazardous Substances Free Policy
  • Supply customers satisfactory products that are in accordance with HSF regulation.
  • Obey regulations and actively participate in pollution prevention.
  • Continuous effort to reduce usage in hazardous substances to achieve environmental protection.
  • Full participation from company staffs as well as the vendors to elevate awareness in HSF.